Poland - The Perfect Destination 

Poland is composed of 16 regions - voivodships have a wide range of attractions and leisure activities to offer to tourists. All of them are filled with tourist attractions and every Polish region is worth visiting.

The main tourist cities of Poland are voivodeship capitals and cities of significant touristic importance due to their historical and cultural heritage. These urban centers are an excellent destination for tourists who want to spend their free time sightseeing and enjoying the many attractions that these cities offer.


DMC Torun - Copernicus City - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC - Toruń - Copernicus City

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One of the two capitals of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship with a medieval urban complex inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most important cultural and tourist centres in Pol...

The expanded accommodation base of Torun receives over 2 million tourists per year and is divided by the Vistula River into northern and southern parts. Most of the facilities can be found in the north, above the bend of the river, within the Old Town Complex (hotels and apartments in the New and Old Town area). The area bounded by the Philadelphia Boulevard and the General W. Sikorski Embankment is the place where the most expensive accommodations were built, with windows overlooking, among others, the Old Market and the Town Hall. Tourists choosing apartments or hostels in the area of Podmurna or Szczytna streets, have only 300-400 m to walk to the Live Gingerbread Museum and the District Museum, and the Dream Valley (a picturesque park) and the ruins of the Teutonic Knights' Castle are within sight.

In Kujawsko-Pomorskie province there is a town which smells beautifully - it is Torun, famous for its traditional gingerbread. But Torun is not only the delicious delicacies - it is also a great conference room, suitable for seminars and events! It is in this city that you can organize sensational trainings and events for even the most numerous group of guests - and you will not overpay! It so happens that perfectly equipped conference rooms can be booked for really little money, and in the impressive hotel base you will surely find some comfortable and inexpensive accommodation! 

Tangle of narrow streets of the Old Town.Almost every signboard invites with dumplings straight from the oven, the best pasta in town, goose, after all, it is a November hit, sushi, which is good for every occasion. The staff dressed up in costumes from past eras invite you to the restaurant.  It is Torun. One of the best restaurants in town are: Coffee and Whisky House; Chleb i Wino; Restauracja Mistrz i Małgorzata; Szeroka.

Live museum of gingerbreads
House of Nicolaus Copernicus
Curve Tower
Vistula boulevards
The largest medieval bell in Poland
One of the two capitals of the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship with a medieval urban complex inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List is one of the most important cultural and tourist centres in Poland. Toruń amazes every tourist with its beauty and magic.

Poland’s Toruń is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. It comes as no surprise to learn that its Old Town is a UNESCO-listed World Heritage Site. Toruń was one of the few cities in the country which sustained no damage during World War Two, but the magic doesn’t end there. From famous astronomers to delicious biscuits to leaning towers, get exploring this wonderful city. One of the greatest pieces of secular Medieval architecture in Europe, Toruń’s Old Town Hall grabs all the headlines. It goes back to the middle of the 13th century, but the lasting work was done in the 1390s under the watch of the Teutonic Great Master, Konrad von Wallenrode. In an early-19th-century granary in the Old Town is a working reconstruction of a Renaissance bakery. At this setting you’ll get to see, and take part in, the traditional method of making gingerbread.

Torun might be a compact city but it’s definitely not lacking in excellent nightlife. There is a huge choice and something to satisfy everyone’s requirements. Beer Barges: On the Vistula River in Torun are two static beer barges, and if you’re a beer lover they are worth a visit for a unique night. However, be warned, it’s beer or beer here, no spirits are available. Krajina Piva: Another highlight for beer lovers, this World of Beers has over 100 different types to choose from. eNeRDe: This is a popular student club with a popular courtyard. It’s inexpensive with a relaxed vibe. Szwejk: Another popular bar for the younger crowd. It has a fantastic summer garden with bar. Heaven: In the basement of the Town Hall you can find Heaven – a small and cosy bar to while away the evening.

We would like to invite you to the integration event in the city famous for gingerbread!  Toruń is an ideal place for such an event, the program can be full of various attraction-tasks requiring cooperation and at the same time focused on competition between groups of employees. Participants will be able, among others, to test their skills in shooting tournaments or orientation in the field during a city game.


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DMC Gdansk - Coastal Capital of Poland - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Gdansk - Coastal Capital of Poland

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Twenty-three kilometers of clean beaches and a hundred and thirty meters long pier is an offer for lovers of relaxation by the sea, and when you add to this rich conference facilities and attractions ...

The hotel base in Tri-City is very rich. You can find here both seaside spa resorts at the beach, urban, designer hotels, designed by famous architects, elegant conference and family centers, local guest houses. A lot of hotels offer the sea view, which is always an added value. The choice is huge and each of the three cities has places to suit the needs and budget of each kind of client or group. In Gdansk you can find a lot of big chains, like Hilton, Puro, and Accor group. 

Due to the diverse nature of each of the three cities, you can find very different types of event spaces there. You can choose from historical spaces in museums and theatres in Gdansk, the Energa Stadium in Gdańsk, raw, industrial spaces of the Old Manege. In Sopot you can find elegant clubs, intimate galleries or the luxurious Baltic Panorama room at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. In Gdynia, the original space is offered by the Municipal Theatre with a summer stage in Gdynia Orłowo, or Gdynia Sports Arena. 

One of the most beautiful Polish cities. Not only multicultural, but also... multiflavoured. For many years Gdańsk was inhabited by different nationalities. Today, the city is also diverse. The atmosphere in the Old Town is completely different than in Wrzeszcz. Foreign tourists say that Gdansk is best to visit in comfortable shoes and with an empty stomach. Thanks to the rich gastronomic offer, it would be a sin not to enter one of the seaside bars or Dominican Square.

Dominic's Fair in Gdansk
Gdansk's Old Town
The Opener Festival
The longest wooden pier in Europe - Sopot
Gdynia's modernist architecture
Lech Walesa Airport
Twenty-three kilometers of clean beaches and a hundred and thirty meters long pier is an offer for lovers of relaxation by the sea, and when you add to this rich conference facilities and attractions of the four elements - you get one of the best incentive offers. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdansk creates a seaside Tri-City with countless attractive tourist, hotel and conference facilities.

Gdańsk is characterized by bourgeois tenement houses on Długa Street, full of unwrought elements and details. Sopot is definitely a pearl of the Polish Baltic Sea. Every year the city is visited by over 2 million tourists. It is a popular place among Poles when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to its party character, numerous clubs and a casino. Gdynia in turn is the Polish pearl of modernism. The architects of the city designed it in the timeless Bauhaus style.  Every year the Polish Film Festival - one of the oldest film events in Europe and the Polish horse festival - is held here.

The capital of Tri-City's nightlife and parties until dawn is definitely Sopot. It is a popular destination among Europeans when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to the party character of the city, numerous clubs and cult casino.  Many clubs are concentrated around Monte Cassino Street. Also in Gdansk there is a rich club scene - from intimate jazz bars to large, multi-level clubs. 

Due to the direct proximity of the Baltic Sea, the Tri-City offers a lot of attractions, both water and land-based. You can sail from here to the open waters of the Baltic Sea in a ship stylized as a 17th century galleon! . You can also organize a panoramic cruise and learn about the history of the city from the ship's perspective and see several key points: Gdansk Shipyard, Wisloujscie Fortress and Westerplatte - the place where World War II began. In 4x4 cars you can experience an exciting offroad experience on the desert moving dunes! For lovers of classic entertainment you can organize a bicycle tour, culinary sightseeing or a visit to the theatre.

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DMC Wroclaw - City with 1000 years of history - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Wroclaw - City with 1000 years of history

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Wroclaw’s past is unbelievably complex - over the last 1,000 years it has come under the control of eight different kingdoms and empires. Nowadays, Wrocław is modern pulsating city - the capital of Lo...

Wroclaw's accommodation infrastructure is very diverse. The highiest standards offer such a luxury, 5-star hotels as Platinum Palace Hotel ***** with chateau interiors or The Granary  - hotel located in a 16th-century granary, at the very heart of Wrocław. Well-known hotel brands are located in the city as well: DoubleTree by Hilton****, Mercure****, Radisson Blu****, Scandic****, Novotel**** and many more. A unique place to sleep is apart hotel in Sky Tower (the highest residential building in Poland with a height of 212 meters - 51 floors) or Topacz Castle with its Automotive Museum.

Wroclaw hosting numerous international events and its magic works not only on tourists, but mostly on business professionals. Wrocław continually reaffirms its status of a City of  Meeting by wide range of venues. As a professional conference and event organizer in Poland we arrange meetings in unique places such as the former brewery brick complex (Browar Mieszczański), the former Dominican monastery, one of the Wroclaw landmark - Centennial Hall or one of the largest scientific libraries in Poland - The Ossolineum. 

Wroclaw restaurants are a perfect place for trying both traditional Polish cuisine and very interesting local specialties like: potato Silesian dumplings with beef roulade, Żurek Śląski - the Silesian fermented rye flour soup served in bread; pierogi (the most well-known Polish dish) – kind of dumplings with various filled and  bigos - stewed cabbage with meat. There is a plenty of restaurants in Wroclaw which use old recipies (sometimes only updating it a little) like Pod Fredrą, Pod Papugami or Pierogarnia Stary Młyn. 

Boat cruise on the Odra river with prosecco glass
City tour with licensed city guides or city game with iPads.
Sightseeing Panorama Racławicka
Pierogi cooking class
Sightseeing Panorama Racławicka
International Airport.
Wroclaw’s past is unbelievably complex - over the last 1,000 years it has come under the control of eight different kingdoms and empires. Nowadays, Wrocław is modern pulsating city - the capital of Lower Silesia, but still many cultural and historical layers are visible in the city landscape. This is probably the reason why Wroclaw belongs to the most beautiful and interesting Polish cities.

The must see attractions are the heart of the city - the Polish second largest Market Square with a beautiful Gothic Town Hall and Ostrow Tumski – the oldest part of Wrocław with St. John’s Cathedral Wrocław is also rich in 20th century architecture, especially Art Nouveau and Modernism. The impressive modernist Centennial Hall, which can celebrate its own century of existence in 2013, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
One of the most popular attractions of Wroclaw is Panorama Racławicka. This enormous painting is 15 x 114 meters and was created in the 19th century. It shows the Battle for Raclawice. 

It's difficult to mention Wroclaw and not add anything about evening activities. Wroclaw’s nightlife gives countless possibilities. From theatre and philharmonic shows, wine bars, lively Irish pubs, themed shot bars to nightclubs offering the latest sounds. It caters to all taste from the young and trendy to a more mature clientele. 

Wrocław is also known as the “Polish Venice” due to a network of canals surrounding the city with over 120 little bridges connecting 12 different islands. It makes an opportunity to arrange some water attractions like boat cruise on the Odra river, kayaking or Stand Up Paddle. In summer, beach bars open on the banks, where you can try a beach volleyball or just hang out together with colourful cocktails.
The capital of Silesia offers everything what other modern cities: culinary workshops, tastings, big gala attractions, city games ect. It is also worth leaving the city center to see one of the surrounding castles or try off road.

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DMC Cracow - The Royal City - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Cracow - The Royal City

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Cracow – the royal city, where time flows slower and every moment becomes history... According to many, it is the most beautiful city in Poland and one of the most wonderful European cities. When cho...

There are over 150 hotels with about 10,000 beds in Krakow. Most international hotel brands can be found here. These are both large conference hotels, such as Radisson, Novotel, Sheraton. Many chain hotels can be found near the ICE conference centre. Within the Old Town you will find many luxurious boutique hotels arranged in historic interiors, e.g. Copernicus Hotel, Pod Różą. As a popular city-break destination, Krakow offers many decent 3* hotels, hostels and apartments.

Krakow has many unique spaces, ideal for organizing a unique event. We can choose from many historical spaces within the Market Square, such as the Cloth Hall, or the spaces of the Jagiellonian University. Opened in 2015, the professional ICE conference centre is adapted for conferences, meetings and audiovisual shows in the districts of Kazimierz, Podgórze and Zabłocie. You can find many unique loft-like interiors, such as the Old Depot, Galicia Jewish Museum.

The fact that Krakow's cafes and restaurants serve excellent dishes and drinks, all Cracovians know, they are original, beautiful, some minimalistic or designed on a grand scale. The oasis of excellent restaurants is Kazimierz, this district of Cracow is famous for a huge number of climatic places that delight not only with great food but also with original decor, climate and service. In Kazimierz you will find plenty of places where you can feel the unusual atmosphere created by Jewish culture.

Rich nightlife
The artistic district of Kazimierz
The Wieliczka Salt Mine
Wawel Castle
Over 150 hotels
International airport
Cracow – the royal city, where time flows slower and every moment becomes history... According to many, it is the most beautiful city in Poland and one of the most wonderful European cities. When choosing Krakow, you choose unlimited possibilities of organizing business and entertainment meetings. From a modern conference center to historic aristocratic manors, filled with history and unique atmosphere. Also the Malopolski region has a lot to offer : From ski slopes and mountain bike trips to lake sailing in the beautiful mountain scenery. Everything within reach in the European capital of culture and entertainment.

Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is the cradle of Polish culture and science. Passing through the Barbican, you can reach the Market Square, with St. Mary's Church and the Cloth Hall - the central point of the market with souvenirs and local handicrafts. After sightseeing the Market Square you can go to Kazimierz - a district of Krakow, once a separate city where Jews settled, after being expelled from Krakow in the 15th century.  It is worthwhile to combine your stay in Krakow with a festival, a theatre performance or a concert by a world star. Krakow's cultural calendar is full of events throughout the year - numerous festivals and theater reviews are held. 

Cracow night life is very reach and exciting. Around the Main Square you can find many clubs with the international vibe, playing all kinds of music: techno, latino, and disco. Cracow specialty are jazz bars with a wonderful vibe, brick decoration and variety of designated cocktails. If you are looking for the Bohemian and artistic atmosphere, you should visit bars and cafes in Kazimierz.  In the summer, there are many bars at the Vistula river, with a wonderful Cracow panorama. 

Cracow offers a lot for the groups. You can make a culinary tour in the Old Town, organize cooking classes. You can organize the cruise along the Vistula river to Tyniec and enjoy a bit of nature and silence. For the history fans you can have a trabi tour in the Nowa Huta area, where you can find out a lot about Polish history of communism. For the active groups we can organize the bike tours and off road tours in the green areas near Cracow. 

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DMC Poznan - The city for Everyone - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Poznan - The city for Everyone

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Poznan is one of the largest and oldest Polish cities. Slavs settled here already in the 5th century. Today, it belongs to one of the most important academic, scientific and cultural centres in Poland...

The accommodation base in Poznan offers wide selection of possibilities. An interesting place is City Park Poznan*****, which is located in the complex of brick buildings. Within the complex, just a few steps away from the hotel, you will find fashionable bars and restaurants (the award-winning Whisky Bar 88 or the Yellow Guide Gault&Millau - the CUCINA restaurant) or the luxurious SPA. On the city's hotel map there are well-known and quality brands as well, such as the 5-star Sheraton Poznań Hotel or 4-star Novotel****, Mercure****, Puro****. Business groups also have a wide choice of accommodation in Poznan, one of the hotel worthy of attention is Andersia**** with a large number of rooms and spacious conference rooms.

City of Poznan and region offer plenty of possibilities to organize event. You can choose cultural and historical sites (Poznań City Hall or Hotel Bazar), post-industrial buildings (Concordia Design), tenements (Młyńska 12), museums (Archeology or Croissant Museum), manor houses and palaces, modern interiors (Conference centre Nobel Tower), outdoor areas, restaurants, hotels and many more. The symbol of exhibition industry in Poznan (in Poland as well) is MTP Poznań Expo. MTP Poznan Expo, for decades, organizes, co-organizes, supports, provides patronage for and sponsor numerous conferences and congresses, exhibitions, sports and cultural events as well as scientific and social institutions. The place has become the most important fair and congress center in our part of Europe, organizing events on an international scale.

Poznan is one of the fastest growing culinary metropolises in our country, often referring to and inspired by local traditions. Once known mainly for its clay shnets, which is yeast bun with icing in the shape of a snail, today it surprises with the variety of street food snacks, restaurants and bars. In the Jeżyce district, which for a long time had a reputation as one of the less safe in Poznan, today there is a hipster place with delicious food and charming views. On the other hand, in the Wilda district,  you can try mainly Italian cuisine, although the local architecture doesn’t look like these one in sunny Italy. The city is also full of restaurants with traditional cuisine and unique places like a cat's cafe where you can enjoy the taste of real, freshly ground coffee while enjoying the company of cats. Evenings Poznan residents spend on the Night Social Market (Nocny Targ Towarzyski), where many selected exhibitors regularly present sample menu and street food dishes from their restuarants.

Culinary workshops of making St. Martin’s croissants
Grill/bonfire party
Lech beer excursion with beer tasting
Bicycle tour
City game with licensed city guides or iPads
International Airport
Poznan is one of the largest and oldest Polish cities. Slavs settled here already in the 5th century. Today, it belongs to one of the most important academic, scientific and cultural centres in Poland. Many popular events are held here, including Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie (MTP) - the leader of the Polish exhibition industry. The history of the city and valuable monuments attract crowds of tourists from Poland and abroad. Poznan is also an academic city, which means that there is plenty of fashionable bars and pubs open until late at night. For those who are interested in sports, Poznan also has a lot to offer - the Tor Regatowy Malta (regatta course) has been used for years for rowing, kayaking and motorboat competitions.

Start your tour in Poznan from the oldest part of the city - Ostrów Tumski, where one of the oldest churches in Poland is located. There, in the Golden Chaptel, the relics of Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry were deposited. The entire tourist traffic is focused mainly on the Old Market Square. A must see attraction is the old town square with renaissance Town Hall, the colorful tenements and the symbol of the city - the Poznań Goats. Also in the Old Town, in the historic building of the Arcadia, there is a Photoplasticon, where three-dimensional photos are presented.
Another well-known attraction of Poznan is the Palm House (Palmiarnia) with over 2 thousand species of exotic plants. Visiting this place gives an opportunity to move from the modern metropolis into the exotic jungle. 

The night life of the capital of Wielkopolska is vibrant thanks to Poznan citizens, tourists from across the western border, as well as students. It's best to start the evening party in one of the bars, such as the Illusion cocktail bar or the Brewery Ministry with 18 taps of various craft beers.  
The famous Pacha Club located in the heart of Poznan invites you to adventure. Three rooms where you can swing your hip to house, R'n'B, deep and other. This place will please even the most experienced clubbing enthusiasts. Another interesting proposition is SQ club, one of the most renowned clubs in the city, as well as Tama club, where fans of electronic music can easily find themselves in the historic interior.

In Poznan, it takes only 20 minutes to get from the famous goats to the largest recreation center - Poznan Malta. Lake Malta is an artificially created lake with an area of 67.5 ha and length of 2200 m. It is a real paradise for lovers of active recreation in the open air. There are such attractions as regatta track, ski slope, tobogganing run, roller coaster, mini golf, rope parks, ski and water recreation equipment rental. On the northern coast of Malta is located Maltese Thermal Baths, which is a swimming pool complex and water park. There are also playgrounds, outdoor cinema, picnic fields, walking paths and many more.

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DMC Warsaw - Fascinating city of contrasts - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Warsaw - Fascinating city of contrasts

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The capital of Poland, center of Polish and European politics, but also a vibrant, active city, full of architectonical contrasts and reach urban greenery. Modern tenement houses, glass sky scrapers, ...

Warsaw hotels landscape is very rich and suitable for each kind of the visitor. You can find big hotel brands, like Marriott, Hilton or Raffles . There are many cosy boutique hotels, concentrated around the Old Town, short-term apartments, and nice backpacker hostels. Near Warsaw , at the Zegrze Reservoir, there are many hotels with conference facilities and eco-friendly agritourism farms.

Warsaw offer a vast variety of different event spaces to organize your cocktail, conference, kick-off, gala dinner or a private show. You can choose between historical venues, like Arkady Kubickiego, or Palace of Culture and Science, modern, elegant clubs with a view on Warsaw Skyline, like Loft 27 or The View, postindustrial, loft spaces, theaters or traditional conference rooms.The choice is huge, depending on the type of event and expectations of the recipient.

Warsaw culinary scene is a paradise for foodies. The variety of restaurants is huge : from fine dinning with Michelin starts, for quality quick bites, street food, craft breweries, food trucks, craft bakeries, ice cream parlors. There are many culinary surprises in the urban space. Food lovers will enjoy the Night Market- the food court, arranged in the old train station, operating in the summer months or breakfast markets, happening by rotation  in different places. The alternative in the colder months is Hala Gwardii a trendy spot on the culinary map of Warsaw.

International Airport located close to city center
The biggest choice of different kind of venue
Rich cultural life with lots a modern or tradition museums
Water activities at Zegrze Reservoir
4X4 Off Road in Modlin Fortress
City tour with licensed city guides or city game with iPads
The capital of Poland, center of Polish and European politics, but also a vibrant, active city, full of architectonical contrasts and reach urban greenery. Modern tenement houses, glass sky scrapers, magnificent parks, rich museums and countless social and cultural events in the city space make Warsaw a perfect destination for the incentive trip, business meeting or a private city break.

During your Warsaw stay it’s worth to check the Old Town. Rebuild after the world war II, due to the old city plans, postcards, photos and paintings, looks a little bit like a movie set, than a city center of big metropolis. Warsaw is a definitely a city of art. In the National Museum there is a big collection of Polish and European paintings and sculptures. Galleries Zachęta, Museum of Modern Art and Ujazdowski Castle Centre for Contemporary Art host in their walls exhibitions of modern art, curated by the famous, international personalities. History fans should visit the Warsaw Rising Museum, POLIN- Museum of History of Polish Jews, and History Meeting House.

Night life seekers will not be disappointed, while visiting Warsaw. You can start yout our nightlife weekend experience visiting the multi tap bar, a cafeteria, whiskey house, disco, or a techno club. Smolna, Tygmont, Level 27, Dzik, Bar Studio, Plan B, Instytut, Hydrozagadka… in the maze of clubs and bars everybody will find a perfect vibe for themselves. Streets and Warsaw night life was filmed in the famous HBO TV Series – Blinded by the Lights.

The Warsaw urban space and rich history of the city make Warsaw a perfect spot for themed city rally, on foot, by bike, by the old timer cars or segways. An interesting idea will be the culinary workshop on Polish cuisine, or a themed city walk with different culinary tastings.  About 50 km north from Warsaw, on the post-military areas of Modlin Fortress you can organize a professional off-road tour with 4x4 vehicles and professional off-road drivers. At Zegrze Reservoir there is an option to organize professional water activities, like regatta, or kayaking.

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