Poland - The Perfect Destination 

Poland is composed of 16 regions - voivodships have a wide range of attractions and leisure activities to offer to tourists. All of them are filled with tourist attractions and every Polish region is worth visiting.

The main tourist cities of Poland are voivodeship capitals and cities of significant touristic importance due to their historical and cultural heritage. These urban centers are an excellent destination for tourists who want to spend their free time sightseeing and enjoying the many attractions that these cities offer.


DMC Wielkopolska - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Wielkopolska - The heart of Poland

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Wielkopolskie is a region distinguished by a diverse natural environment, economic development and important historical memorabilia. Here is located the oldest city in Poland - Kalisz and the first ca...

The accommodation base in Poznan offers wide selection of possibilities. An interesting place is City Park Poznan*****, which is located in the complex of brick buildings. Within the complex, just a few steps away from the hotel, you will find fashionable bars and restaurants (the award-winning Whisky Bar 88 or the Yellow Guide Gault&Millau - the CUCINA restaurant) or the luxurious SPA. On the city's hotel map there are well-known and quality brands as well, such as the 5-star Sheraton Poznań Hotel or 4-star Novotel****, Mercure****, Puro****. The Moran Hotel **** SPA is located in the heart of the Powidzki Landscape Park, on the crystal clear Powidzkie Lake. 

City of Poznan and region offer plenty of possibilities to organize event. You can choose cultural and historical sites (Poznań City Hall or Hotel Bazar), post-industrial buildings (Concordia Design), tenements (Młyńska 12), museums (Archeology or Croissant Museum), manor houses and palaces, modern interiors (Conference centre Nobel Tower), outdoor areas, restaurants, hotels and many more. The symbol of exhibition industry in Poznan (in Poland as well) is MTP Poznań Expo. MTP Poznan Expo, for decades, organizes, co-organizes, supports, provides patronage for and sponsor numerous conferences and congresses, exhibitions, sports and cultural events as well as scientific and social institutions. The place has become the most important fair and congress center in our part of Europe, organizing events on an international scale.

Poznan is one of the fastest growing culinary metropolises in our country, often referring to and inspired by local traditions. Once known mainly for its clay shnets, which is yeast bun with icing in the shape of a snail, today it surprises with the variety of street food snacks, restaurants and bars. In the Jeżyce district, which for a long time had a reputation as one of the less safe in Poznan, today there is a hipster place with delicious food and charming views. On the other hand, in the Wilda district,  you can try mainly Italian cuisine, although the local architecture doesn’t look like these one in sunny Italy. The city is also full of restaurants with traditional cuisine and unique places like a cat's cafe where you can enjoy the taste of real, freshly ground coffee while enjoying the company of cats. Evenings Poznan residents spend on the Night Social Market (Nocny Targ Towarzyski), where many selected exhibitors regularly present sample menu and street food dishes from their restuarants.

Culinary workshops of making St. Martin’s croissants
Lech beer excursion with beer tasting
Bicycle tour
Kalisz & Gniezno city
International airport in Poznan
Wielkopolskie is a region distinguished by a diverse natural environment, economic development and important historical memorabilia. Here is located the oldest city in Poland - Kalisz and the first capital of Poland - Gniezno - is located. The capital of Wielkopolska and its economic, scientific and cultural center is Poznań, one of the oldest and largest cities in Poland.

There are many places in Wielkopolska associated with the beginnings of Polish statehood. Visits to Poznań, Gniezno, Ostrów Lednicki, Kalisz Zawodzie (Kalisz is probably the oldest city in Poland) or Trzemeszno are mandatory!
Wielkopolska is also - apart from Lower Silesia - the region with the largest number of beautiful palaces and mansions. Rogalin, Gołuchów, Antonin, Rydzyna or Śmiełów are real, architectural gems.
The capital of Wielkopolska, located in the central part of the province, is one of the oldest cities located in Poland. Rogalin Palace was the seat of the Raczynski family, from which the Count Edward Bernard Raczynski, President of the Republic of Poland in exile, originated. Gołuchów is a town near Kalisz, whose main tourist attraction is a unique castle.


The night life of the capital of Wielkopolska is vibrant thanks to Poznan citizens, tourists from across the western border, as well as students. It's best to start the evening party in one of the bars, such as the Illusion cocktail bar or the Brewery Ministry with 18 taps of various craft beers.  
The famous Pacha Club located in the heart of Poznan invites you to adventure. Three rooms where you can swing your hip to house, R'n'B, deep and other. This place will please even the most experienced clubbing enthusiasts. Another interesting proposition is SQ club, one of the most renowned clubs in the city, as well as Tama club, where fans of electronic music can easily find themselves in the historic interior.

There are many water reservoirs on the territory of Wielkopolska, therefore integration and water sports have become very popular. One of the most popular attractions for groups is the organization of Dragon boat regatta. The spectacularity of this competition and the joyful atmosphere during the 11-person dragon races driven by 10 rowers and a drummer makes it unique! The idea for an unforgettable and exciting integration is RIB motorboat cruises. It is also possible to organize a canoeing fame or a flyboard.

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DMC Tatra mountains - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Tatra mountains - Winter capital of Poland

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The Tatras are a small part of the vast Carpathian chain and they are the highest massif between the Alps and the Caucasus, with a characteristic alpine landscape.

The Tatra region has a very extensive hotel base: Hotels, guest house, conference centers, hostels etc. The largest concentration of hotels is located in Zakopane (Radisson, Nosalowy Dwor, Aquarion). Other recommended places are Bialka Tatrzanska (Hotel Bania) and Bukowina Tatrzanska (Hotel Bukovina). 

An interesting object in the Tatra Mountains is the Central Sports Centre where you can do picnics, integrations, company Olympics...
After the hardships of a mountain hike it is pleasant to relax in warm water. Thermal baths are also a great way to just relax or take advantage of the healing properties of thermal waters. The most interesting thermal baths in the region are: BUKOVINA Thermals, Bania Thermals, Safflower Thermals. 

Zakopane and Podhale are also worth exploring from the culinary side. During a visit to one of the regional inns it is obligatory to try the highlander sour soup and real oscypek. The people living in the Tatra Mountains based their cuisine on simple but succinct ingredients such as potatoes, groats and cabbage. One of the best restaurants in the region are: Gazdowo Kuźnia, Bar u Gąsienicy, Karczma Giewont, Kolibecka and many, many more!

Wild nature
Zakopane city
Regional cuisine
Mountain hikes
International airport in Krakow
The Tatras are a small part of the vast Carpathian chain and they are the highest massif between the Alps and the Caucasus, with a characteristic alpine landscape. The Tatras remain the most popular winter destination and winter sports center.

The Tatra Mountains are very impressive and everyone will find something created for themselves. Both experienced mountaineers who climb the sinister monk or the legendary Kazalnica, as well as families with children walking on the bottom of the Strążyska Valley or the Road under the Reglami. Violet carpets of crocuses blooming in the Chocholowska Valley and Kalatówki are not only an undeniable argument for highlanders that spring has already arrived in the country, but also a real treat for lovers of picturesque landscapes. 

Evening events in Zakopane can satisfy the tastes of the most picky, there are venues with different characteristics, discos, pubs, sports bars. 
For groups we recommend night horse sleigh rides with torches on the top of Gubałówka, which always provide plenty of excitement! 

Tourists walk through the valleys, the most popular of which are the Koscieliska Valley, Chocholowska Valley or Five Polish Lakes. For more experienced hikers there are mountain peaks, the lower ones in the Western Tatras and the highest ones in the High Tatras. The Tatras and Podhale are also a great place for winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and much more!

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DMC Bieszczady Mountains - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Bieszczady Mountains - The wildest region of Poland

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Still, the Bieszczady Mountains are considered to be the wildest, and by many tourists - also the most beautiful Polish mountains. They are able to amaze at any time of year. Bieszczady National Park ...

There are many noteworthy hotels in the Bieszczady Mountains, such as the Arłamów Hotel, which is a complex hotel with a view of the mountains, where every detail has been chosen to emphasize the close connection with the surrounding nature, Podkarpackie tradition, design and ecology.
The Dwor Kombornia Manor Hotel is a hotel complex, where everyone will find something unique. It is one of the best preserved residential complexes in south-eastern Poland.

Being in the Bieszczady Mountains you can visit such interesting objects as: 
Ursa Maior Brewery is a Bieszczady place by its nature. Here you can taste, experience and inspire, here you can enjoy beer from the very heart of the Bieszczady Mountains.
The Carpathian Wine Salon was created in the historic cellars of the manor complex which are witnesses of those times. The wines presented here must come from regions located in the Carpathians, be recognized in their region or country of origin. 
And many, many more!

In the Bieszczady Mountains you can have a pleasant time and relax in a climatic place, and at the same time get to know the regional products, which according to the idea of slow food are the basis of the dishes we serve. Wine and Talerzyki is a restaurant which, as we can safely say, represents the Podkarpackie province in terms of taste. On the other hand, the Stary Kredens restaurant is located in Sanok, which is the gateway to the Bieszczady Mountains and many tourists, before going to the mountains, stop for a while in this city.

Wild nature
Cruise or regatta on Solina
ChocoWine Spa
Carpathian Wine Salon
Ursa Maior brewery
International airport in Rzeszow
Still, the Bieszczady Mountains are considered to be the wildest, and by many tourists - also the most beautiful Polish mountains. They are able to amaze at any time of year. Bieszczady National Park is the third largest national park in Poland. 80 percent of its area is covered by forests where wolves, lynxes and bears and eagles hunt, and bison and elk seek peace and quiet.

The list of attractions worth seeing in the Bieszczady Mountains is very long, and every regular visitor to the region certainly has his own proposals. However, we have created a list of places that create this famous "Bieszczady climate" and are a kind of distinguishing feature of the region: Trip to the Połoniny, Winnie the Pooh cabin, the highest peak in the Polish Bieszczady Mountains - Tarnica, Open-air Museum of Wood Coal Firing, Bieszczady Railway. 

If you are looking for a night attraction for the group, an evening horse sleigh ride with torches will be a good proposition. Another one is a night club in the Arłamow Hotel where bowling is also available. For fans of feast-style events we offer an evening party in the Zakapior tavern or in the Tavern.

There are many forms of group activities available in the Bieszczady Mountains, such as: field games, canoeing, horseback riding or cruises. 
Cruise or regatta on Solina - Solina Lake called "Bieszczady Sea" is the largest artificial lake in Poland and thus a great center of rest for lovers of mountains, water and sun. Crystal-blue lake with a varied coastline squeezed between steep hills growing directly out of the water with numerous bays and islands delights with its charm. 


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DMC Pomerania - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Pomerania - Unique Baltic character

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Pomerania is a large historical land, stretching over the Baltic Sea in Poland and Germany. Generally speaking, it lies in the lower reaches of the Vistula and Oder and in the areas between them.The ...

The hotel base in Tri-City is very big. You can find here both seaside spa resorts at the beach, urban, designer hotels, designed by famous architects, elegant conference and family centers, local guest houses. A lot of hotels offer the sea view, which is always an added value. The choice is huge and each of the three cities has places to suit the needs and budget of each kind of client or group. In Gdansk you can find a lot of big chains, like Hilton, Puro, and Accor group. If you are an art lover, look for a hotel south of the center of Szczecin. This area is famous for its artistic sites, there are Art Trawostacja, Entasis Art Gallery or Trystero. Modern art gallery. Nearby there are hotels for every budget.

Due to its excellent location, there are many training facilities in the Pomeranian Province. Conference hotels in Pomerania are really popular due to the unique atmosphere that prevails during their duration. Due to the diverse nature of each of the three cities, you can find very different types of event spaces there. You can choose from historical spaces in museums and theatres in Gdansk, the Energa Stadium in Gdańsk, raw, industrial spaces of the Old Manege. In Sopot you can find elegant clubs, intimate galleries or the luxurious Baltic Panorama room at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. In Gdynia, the original space is offered by the Municipal Theatre with a summer stage in Gdynia Orłowo, or Gdynia Sports Arena. 

A stay in Pomerania cannot be without a traditional fish. There are more fish frying facilities by the sea than holiday resorts - port stalls, restaurants with a long tradition, modern restaurants... In the offer of the frying rooms we can find flounder, turbot, fillets of cod, salmon, zander and hake. 

Baltic Sea
Slovenian and Wolin National Park
Seaside resorts
International airport
Pomerania is a large historical land, stretching over the Baltic Sea in Poland and Germany. Generally speaking, it lies in the lower reaches of the Vistula and Oder and in the areas between them. The varied landscape of the region is dominated by glacial forms - moraines and lakes. Along the sea there is a strip of the South Baltic Coasts, cut by river valleys (including the Lower Oder, the Słupia, the Lower Vistula) and pradolines (including Łeba and Reda). The biggest centres are: Tricity (Gdańsk, Sopot and Gdynia agglomeration), Szczecin, Elbląg, Koszalin, Słupsk and Stargard Szczeciński. Malbork, Kołobrzeg, Wolin and Kamień Pomorski are also of great historical importance. A separate category of places worth visiting are the popular seaside resorts: Krynica Morska, Sopot, Jastarnia, Jastrzębia Góra, Dębki, Rowy, Jarosławiec, Mielno, Ustronie Morskie, Rewal, Międzyzdroje and many others.

Gdańsk is characterized by bourgeois tenement houses on Długa Street, full of unwrought elements and details. Sopot is definitely a pearl of the Polish Baltic Sea. Every year the city is visited by over 2 million tourists. It is a popular place among Poles when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to its party character, numerous clubs and a casino. Gdynia in turn is the Polish pearl of modernism. The architects of the city designed it in the timeless Bauhaus style.  Every year the Polish Film Festival - one of the oldest film events in Europe and the Polish horse festival - is held here.

The capital of Tri-City's nightlife and parties until dawn is definitely Sopot. It is a popular destination among Europeans when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to the party character of the city, numerous clubs and cult casino.  Many clubs are concentrated around Monte Cassino Street. Also in Gdansk there is a rich club scene - from intimate jazz bars to large, multi-level clubs.

Due to the direct proximity of the Baltic Sea, the Tri-City offers a lot of attractions, both water and land-based. You can sail from here to the open waters of the Baltic Sea in a ship stylized as a 17th century galleon! . You can also organize a panoramic cruise and learn about the history of the city from the ship's perspective and see several key points: Gdansk Shipyard, Wisloujscie Fortress and Westerplatte - the place where World War II began. In 4x4 cars you can experience an exciting offroad experience on the desert moving dunes! For lovers of classic entertainment you can organize a bicycle tour, culinary sightseeing or a visit to the theatre.

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DMC - Lower Silesia - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Lower Silesia - Land of castles and palaces

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Lower Silesia is situated in the south-western part of Poland and borders with Germany and Czechia. It’s the most urbanized region in Poland. Lower Silesian Voivodeship is one of the most visited regi...

Lower Silesia is famous for its castles and palaces. Many of them have been adapted for hotels and conference centres. We will find there ideal conditions for relaxation. Luxurious rooms, saunas, swimming pools, golf courses and large parks - this is what tempts us hoteliers. Do not forget about the huge hotel base in Wroclaw and Szklarska Poreba. 

Wroclaw hosting numerous international events and its magic works not only on tourists, but mostly on business professionals. Wrocław continually reaffirms its status of a City of  Meeting by wide range of venues. As a professional conference and event organizer in Poland we arrange meetings in unique places such as the former brewery brick complex (Browar Mieszczański), the former Dominican monastery, one of the Wroclaw landmark - Centennial Hall or one of the largest scientific libraries in Poland - The Ossolineum. 

Wroclaw restaurants are a perfect place for trying both traditional Polish cuisine and very interesting local specialties like: potato Silesian dumplings with beef roulade, Żurek Śląski - the Silesian fermented rye flour soup served in bread; pierogi (the most well-known Polish dish) – kind of dumplings with various filled and  bigos - stewed cabbage with meat. There is a plenty of restaurants in Wroclaw which use old recipies (sometimes only updating it a little) like Pod Fredrą, Pod Papugami or Pierogarnia Stary Młyn. 

Wroclaw City
Castles and palaces
Sudety mountains
Water activities
Green areas
International Airport
Lower Silesia is situated in the south-western part of Poland and borders with Germany and Czechia. It’s the most urbanized region in Poland. Lower Silesian Voivodeship is one of the most visited voivodeships in Poland. It is famous for a large number of castles and palaces, inter alia: Książ Castle, Czocha Castle, Chojnik Castle, Grodziec Castle, Gorzanów Castle, Kliczków Castle.

The must see attractions are the heart of the city - the Polish second largest Market Square with a beautiful Gothic Town Hall and Ostrow Tumski – the oldest part of Wrocław with St. John’s Cathedral Wrocław is also rich in 20th century architecture, especially Art Nouveau and Modernism. The impressive modernist Centennial Hall, which can celebrate its own century of existence in 2013, is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
One of the most popular attractions of Wroclaw is Panorama Racławicka. This enormous painting is 15 x 114 meters and was created in the 19th century. It shows the Battle for Raclawice.

It's difficult to mention Wroclaw and not add anything about evening activities. Wroclaw’s nightlife gives countless possibilities. From theatre and philharmonic shows, wine bars, lively Irish pubs, themed shot bars to nightclubs offering the latest sounds. It caters to all taste from the young and trendy to a more mature clientele. 

Wrocław is also known as the “Polish Venice” due to a network of canals surrounding the city with over 120 little bridges connecting 12 different islands. It makes an opportunity to arrange some water attractions like boat cruise on the Odra river, kayaking or Stand Up Paddle. In summer, beach bars open on the banks, where you can try a beach volleyball or just hang out together with colourful cocktails.
The capital of Silesia offers everything what other modern cities: culinary workshops, tastings, big gala attractions, city games ect. It is also worth leaving the city center to see one of the surrounding castles or try off road.

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DMC Masurian Lakeland - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

DMC Masurian Lakeland - The land of a thousand lakes

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Poland’s Masuria Lakeland is an area of impressive natural beauty with more than 2,000 lakes, dense forests, organic farms and charming resort towns. Little known outside of Poland, Lakeland is well w...

Undoubtedly, Masuria belongs to one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. Its natural values are determined by large forest complexes,headed by the Piska Forest. Numerous lakes, nature reserves, landscape parks and clean air - Masuria regon is known as the Green Lungs of Poland.  Thanks to the natural values of this district and clean environment we can find here an extensive hotel and accommodation base, combining facilities of different standards. 

Masuria is nothing but forests and lakes, away from any buildings. Thanks to this, each of the venues is an enclave conducive to creative work, concentration and detachment from everyday life. Functionally designed interiors and unique design make each of the proposed venues a comfortable place to work at any time of year.

Delicious, fresh fish straight from the lake? Trust us, it wont be the only meal that delight you here. Masuria is famous for its wonderful regional cuisine: fishes, cheeses, honey. Enjoy the region and feel the nature coming from local products. The restaurant we will choose for you will always characterized by its unique climate, design and cuisine.

Over two and a half thousand lakes
Green Velo and other bicycle routes
Wildlife Park Kadzidłowo
Kayak route Krutynia
Boat cruise
International airport
Poland’s Masuria Lakeland is an area of impressive natural beauty with more than 2,000 lakes, dense forests, organic farms and charming resort towns. Little known outside of Poland, Lakeland is well worth exploring.

Warmia and Masuria is a perfect place for lovers of nature and active recreation. Vast forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, stormy history written in the monuments and openness of the residents create an unusual climate of the region.  
Krutynia is one of the most charming rivers in Poland with excellent conditions for canoeing. Gizycko, located in the center of the Great Masurian Lakes Region, is called the capital of sailing in Poland (it has 11 sailing ports!).  Located on the Vistula Lagoon, Frombork is called the "jewel of Warmia".  The Elbląg Canal, connecting Druzno and Jeziorak lakes, is over 150 km long (including branches). Together with Wilcze Szańc, the local shelter complex was to be the command center of the invasion of the USSR. The railroad bridges in Stańczyki are very impressive for visitors. Both viaducts are 36 meters high and extend over 200 meters.  


Shanties, or sailing songs, date back to the 18th century when they were sung on sailing ships helping the rowers in long monotonous rowing activities. Initially shanties were performed a cappella, later also accompanied by simple instruments. Since the end of the 70's Poland has become one of the leading countries in the world in the shanties' repertoire. Shanties and shanties music has made people fall in love with it. Concerts and shanty festivals are organized at least once a week in cities such as: Giżycko, Ełk, Mrągowo, Sztynort, Węgorzewo, Wilkasy. 

Many people in Masuria are looking for an escape from the urban noise and relaxation after intensive work. Sailing is undoubtedly the most popular water sport in Masuria. This is facilitated by a well developed network of canals connecting Masurian lakes and huge yacht charter base, as well as modern eco-marines. However, Masurian waters attract not only lovers of peace and quiet, but also amateurs of extreme sports, who spend their free time in an active way. In the land of a thousand lakes, fans of flyboarding, kitesurfing or wakeboarding will certainly not complain about boredom. Team sports are becoming an increasingly popular form of spending free time!



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