DMC Masurian Lakeland - The land of a thousand lakes

Poland’s Masuria Lakeland is an area of impressive natural beauty with more than 2,000 lakes, dense forests, organic farms and charming resort towns. Little known outside of Poland, Lakeland is well worth exploring.


Over two and a half thousand lakes

Green Velo and other bicycle routes

Wildlife Park Kadzidłowo

Kayak route Krutynia

Boat cruise

International airport



Undoubtedly, Masuria belongs to one of the most beautiful regions of Poland. Its natural values are determined by large forest complexes,headed by the Piska Forest. Numerous lakes, nature reserves, landscape parks and clean air - Masuria regon is known as the Green Lungs of Poland.  Thanks to the natural values of this district and clean environment we can find here an extensive hotel and accommodation base, combining facilities of different standards. 


Masuria is nothing but forests and lakes, away from any buildings. Thanks to this, each of the venues is an enclave conducive to creative work, concentration and detachment from everyday life. Functionally designed interiors and unique design make each of the proposed venues a comfortable place to work at any time of year.


Delicious, fresh fish straight from the lake? Trust us, it wont be the only meal that delight you here. Masuria is famous for its wonderful regional cuisine: fishes, cheeses, honey. Enjoy the region and feel the nature coming from local products. The restaurant we will choose for you will always characterized by its unique climate, design and cuisine.


Cultural life 

Warmia and Masuria is a perfect place for lovers of nature and active recreation. Vast forests, picturesque lakes and rivers, stormy history written in the monuments and openness of the residents create an unusual climate of the region.  
Krutynia is one of the most charming rivers in Poland with excellent conditions for canoeing. Gizycko, located in the center of the Great Masurian Lakes Region, is called the capital of sailing in Poland (it has 11 sailing ports!).  Located on the Vistula Lagoon, Frombork is called the "jewel of Warmia".  The Elbląg Canal, connecting Druzno and Jeziorak lakes, is over 150 km long (including branches). Together with Wilcze Szańc, the local shelter complex was to be the command center of the invasion of the USSR. The railroad bridges in Stańczyki are very impressive for visitors. Both viaducts are 36 meters high and extend over 200 meters.  


Night life 

Shanties, or sailing songs, date back to the 18th century when they were sung on sailing ships helping the rowers in long monotonous rowing activities. Initially shanties were performed a cappella, later also accompanied by simple instruments. Since the end of the 70's Poland has become one of the leading countries in the world in the shanties' repertoire. Shanties and shanties music has made people fall in love with it. Concerts and shanty festivals are organized at least once a week in cities such as: Giżycko, Ełk, Mrągowo, Sztynort, Węgorzewo, Wilkasy. 

Group activities 

Many people in Masuria are looking for an escape from the urban noise and relaxation after intensive work. Sailing is undoubtedly the most popular water sport in Masuria. This is facilitated by a well developed network of canals connecting Masurian lakes and huge yacht charter base, as well as modern eco-marines. However, Masurian waters attract not only lovers of peace and quiet, but also amateurs of extreme sports, who spend their free time in an active way. In the land of a thousand lakes, fans of flyboarding, kitesurfing or wakeboarding will certainly not complain about boredom. Team sports are becoming an increasingly popular form of spending free time!



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