Team building in Poznan

Power Agency coordinated “Three basic elements of nature” for Panattoni Europe


Race track

Evening gala

Water sports


At the end of August we prepared the fourth edition of the integration event for Panattoni Europe. This time the client decided to organize the event at a hotel near Poznań.
On the first day, due to that location the participants could visit three new facilities for which Panattoni Europe is responsible.

The evening party included a performance given by the band Drugi Tydzień (Second Week).

The second day was held in a convention of three elements of nature.
The group was divided into two teams.

The first team used attractions at the nearby airport.
There were sightseeing flights in the sports Moran aircraft, and car racing on the rented speedway track.

We used first object of this type in Poland.
At the same time the second part of the group was getting rest on the hotel beach. The group could benefit from prepared by us sailing regatta, bodyzorbing and water zorbing.