Ceremonial Gala

Gala took place in the Warsaw Chamber of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, 200 metres below ground.


Wieliczka Salt Mine

Exceptional venue

Dance show


At the beginning of December we had the opportunity to prepare a meeting of distributors and employees from Eastern Central Europe.

The place of accommodation and the conference part was Qubus Hotel in Cracow. The most important evening with a gala during which we presented the latest line of dispensers took place in the Warsaw Chamber of the Wieliczka Salt Mine.


Power Agency was responsible for the organization of the event, including:

  • scenographic setting,
  • logistics,
  • production of 3D animation,
  • selection of places and artists,
  • Graphic work and production of all components of the event. 


The whole event was received very emotionally by the invited guests. What can be confirmed by the following comments: 

“Thank you very much that I Was invited for this meeting. You shoed big powers and quality – well done.”
“I was on many professional meetings across the world with many producers but never had a chance to see such good and professional show and event like this.”
“It made me more excited than Porsche could do with their new 911 model show.”
“You showed the power – should we start to afraid about you what you can prepare next time?”
“We are so proud that we cooperate with TORK and you are convincing us all the time…”