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Meetings industry is recognized to be one of the most important in the world. It has had a tremendous influence on development potential in Poland recent years. Poland Meeting Destination conference finished not long ago. During some discussion panels delegates were answering questions about a current position of the meeting sector, business tourism connected with it, the role of the sector for a county’s economy and also its influence on the image of Poland.


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Organizers of meetings and conferences in Poland are invited by professional organizations such as Association of Conferences and Congresses inPoland which is the oldest organization of that kind Poland. The association operates through lobbying which is good for development of conference services in Poland. It is also an advocate which protects the businesses of professional congress organizers. It works on the international area - it is a co-founder of European Federation EFAPCO.

The industry of meetings, including the conference organization, is a very strong element of economy in well developed countries. Both congresses as well as conferences, exhibitions, trade fairs and other business meetings makeup about 3-6% of GDP in western countries. Polish meeting industry is definitely smaller though it generates multimillion turnovers and it provides dozen thousands of jobs. The industry is considered to be as one of the sectors of the future not only by the conference organizers in Poland themselves but by specialists.

Infrastructure in Poland is not only hotels, restaurants, professional transport services, catering services but all different variety of entertainment. There is rich and strong online infrastructure, for example very well operating online program called SYSKONF where you can register members of conferences, congresses, trainings or other events. A very easy administration panel makes that every conference organizer in Poland is able to deal with the system service. It also allows making a registration in many languages, collect charges, diversify prices or other options for particular participants, printing ID badges or issuing invoices.