DMC Gdansk - Coastal Capital of Poland

Twenty-three kilometers of clean beaches and a hundred and thirty meters long pier is an offer for lovers of relaxation by the sea, and when you add to this rich conference facilities and attractions of the four elements - you get one of the best incentive offers. Together with Gdynia and Sopot, Gdansk creates a seaside Tri-City with countless attractive tourist, hotel and conference facilities.


Dominic's Fair in Gdansk

Gdansk's Old Town

The Opener Festival

The longest wooden pier in Europe - Sopot

Gdynia's modernist architecture

Lech Walesa Airport



The hotel base in Tri-City is very rich. You can find here both seaside spa resorts at the beach, urban, designer hotels, designed by famous architects, elegant conference and family centers, local guest houses. A lot of hotels offer the sea view, which is always an added value. The choice is huge and each of the three cities has places to suit the needs and budget of each kind of client or group. In Gdansk you can find a lot of big chains, like Hilton, Puro, and Accor group. 


Due to the diverse nature of each of the three cities, you can find very different types of event spaces there. You can choose from historical spaces in museums and theatres in Gdansk, the Energa Stadium in Gdańsk, raw, industrial spaces of the Old Manege. In Sopot you can find elegant clubs, intimate galleries or the luxurious Baltic Panorama room at the Sheraton Hotel in Sopot. In Gdynia, the original space is offered by the Municipal Theatre with a summer stage in Gdynia Orłowo, or Gdynia Sports Arena. 


One of the most beautiful Polish cities. Not only multicultural, but also... multiflavoured. For many years Gdańsk was inhabited by different nationalities. Today, the city is also diverse. The atmosphere in the Old Town is completely different than in Wrzeszcz. Foreign tourists say that Gdansk is best to visit in comfortable shoes and with an empty stomach. Thanks to the rich gastronomic offer, it would be a sin not to enter one of the seaside bars or Dominican Square.


Cultural life 

Gdańsk is characterized by bourgeois tenement houses on Długa Street, full of unwrought elements and details. Sopot is definitely a pearl of the Polish Baltic Sea. Every year the city is visited by over 2 million tourists. It is a popular place among Poles when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to its party character, numerous clubs and a casino. Gdynia in turn is the Polish pearl of modernism. The architects of the city designed it in the timeless Bauhaus style.  Every year the Polish Film Festival - one of the oldest film events in Europe and the Polish horse festival - is held here.

Night life 

The capital of Tri-City's nightlife and parties until dawn is definitely Sopot. It is a popular destination among Europeans when it comes to organizing bachelor and hen parties, due to the party character of the city, numerous clubs and cult casino.  Many clubs are concentrated around Monte Cassino Street. Also in Gdansk there is a rich club scene - from intimate jazz bars to large, multi-level clubs. 

Group activities 

Due to the direct proximity of the Baltic Sea, the Tri-City offers a lot of attractions, both water and land-based. You can sail from here to the open waters of the Baltic Sea in a ship stylized as a 17th century galleon! . You can also organize a panoramic cruise and learn about the history of the city from the ship's perspective and see several key points: Gdansk Shipyard, Wisloujscie Fortress and Westerplatte - the place where World War II began. In 4x4 cars you can experience an exciting offroad experience on the desert moving dunes! For lovers of classic entertainment you can organize a bicycle tour, culinary sightseeing or a visit to the theatre.

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