DMC Tatra mountains - Winter capital of Poland

The Tatras are a small part of the vast Carpathian chain and they are the highest massif between the Alps and the Caucasus, with a characteristic alpine landscape. The Tatras remain the most popular winter destination and winter sports center.


Wild nature


Zakopane city

Regional cuisine

Mountain hikes

International airport in Krakow



The Tatra region has a very extensive hotel base: Hotels, guest house, conference centers, hostels etc. The largest concentration of hotels is located in Zakopane (Radisson, Nosalowy Dwor, Aquarion). Other recommended places are Bialka Tatrzanska (Hotel Bania) and Bukowina Tatrzanska (Hotel Bukovina). 


An interesting object in the Tatra Mountains is the Central Sports Centre where you can do picnics, integrations, company Olympics...
After the hardships of a mountain hike it is pleasant to relax in warm water. Thermal baths are also a great way to just relax or take advantage of the healing properties of thermal waters. The most interesting thermal baths in the region are: BUKOVINA Thermals, Bania Thermals, Safflower Thermals. 


Zakopane and Podhale are also worth exploring from the culinary side. During a visit to one of the regional inns it is obligatory to try the highlander sour soup and real oscypek. The people living in the Tatra Mountains based their cuisine on simple but succinct ingredients such as potatoes, groats and cabbage. One of the best restaurants in the region are: Gazdowo Kuźnia, Bar u Gąsienicy, Karczma Giewont, Kolibecka and many, many more!


Cultural life 

The Tatra Mountains are very impressive and everyone will find something created for themselves. Both experienced mountaineers who climb the sinister monk or the legendary Kazalnica, as well as families with children walking on the bottom of the Strążyska Valley or the Road under the Reglami. Violet carpets of crocuses blooming in the Chocholowska Valley and Kalatówki are not only an undeniable argument for highlanders that spring has already arrived in the country, but also a real treat for lovers of picturesque landscapes. 

Night life 

Evening events in Zakopane can satisfy the tastes of the most picky, there are venues with different characteristics, discos, pubs, sports bars. 
For groups we recommend night horse sleigh rides with torches on the top of Gubałówka, which always provide plenty of excitement! 

Group activities 

Tourists walk through the valleys, the most popular of which are the Koscieliska Valley, Chocholowska Valley or Five Polish Lakes. For more experienced hikers there are mountain peaks, the lower ones in the Western Tatras and the highest ones in the High Tatras. The Tatras and Podhale are also a great place for winter sports: skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles and much more!

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