Creative team building Warsaw Poland

On the sunny June day we organised an all-day thematic event for one of our customers with Gaz 69 cars. We managed to gather 10 vehicles and that resulted in fantastic visual effects. It is difficult to meet similar number of identical Gaz 69 cars even durig car jamborees. Each car can take eight people so the group of sixty participants didn't pose much of a problem for us.


Game in Gaz 69 cars

Convention of an expedition around the world

Attraction possible around Poland


The field game was prepared in the convention of an expedition around the world. Every team received a set of starting materials necessary to reach seven continents. The fact that every location was described in a different way forced the participants to use maps, coordinates, roadbooks and GPS devices. There were some original ideas proposed for describing different routes. 


The goal set for the participants was arranging the optimum route which will let them earn possibly the bggest amount of points. The points were awarded for the particular tasks in different ways, depending on the scale of the problem and the distance from the hotel. Taking strategic decisions and establishing the action plan were necessary. In case of different visions of the realization of the scenario, the participants had to reach a compromise and decide on one common solution. The next stage of the game was all teams meeting in the agreed place where the teams built the bridge and crossed the river. After overcoming the obstacle the teams found the box attached to the ground with the steel rope. The box could be opened with the key hidden in one of the vehicles. The last task - surprise was in the box.


Particular points were located in the nearby forests in places with spectacular views. The participants were surprised that being close to the capital city of Warsaw so beautiful uninhabited neighbourhood could be visited.


At the same time when one part of the team drove vehicles under the watchful eye of the instructors, the remaining part of the team searched for photopoints, i.e. characteristic places put on the itinerary. These places were earlier photographed and printed on a special card.


The basic advantage of the script is the fact that the organization of the attraction is possible in Poland.


We organise trips to Ukraine as well.