20 years of Experience 

We have the knowledge and a 20 years experience in the proposal of the best and exclusive resort, venues and activities scattered throughout the Poland.  Each event we organize is based on an original scenario, adjusted to the expectations of the client, budget and venue. 

We can handle the organization of any type of event. We organize events for groups of 10 or 1000 people, events for retired employees and picnics for children, domestic and foreign trips, sports events and conferences. 

Our Events 

Boat race - DMC Warsaw Poland

Boat race

Boat race for employees in Poland - teaches cooperation between people in a group. Organised by POWER Agency
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Five-day event in northern Poland - DMC Warsaw Poland

Five-day event in northern Poland

Power Agency took care of the extreme attraction of the stay in Poland. Every day the Guests were invited to lunch and supper in two different local restaurants with delicious Polish cuisine.
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Team building in Poznan - DMC Warsaw Poland

Team building in Poznan

Power Agency coordinated “Three basic elements of nature” for Panattoni Europe
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Flights in the wind tunnel - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Flights in the wind tunnel

Flights in the wind tunnel in Poland and workshops of creating perfume for Logis
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 Military field game - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Military field game

The event had a character of the military field game. During the event everyone was dressed in military uniforms. All activities took place in forest area.
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Opening of the hall in Expo Arena Ostróda - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Opening of the hall in Expo Arena Ostróda

Organization of the ceremonial gala coordinated by Power Agency
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Our Programs 

Astronomical Tour - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Astronomical Tour - Incoming program - Torun

The Krasicki Hotel used to be their main seat and the center of authorities. The Bishop Watzenrode and Nicolaus Copernicus open the picture of excellence. Following in the footsteps of the second one,...
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Fool's Gold - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Fool's Gold - Incoming program - Lower Silesia

"Fool's Gold" is an American adventure comedy. The film is about a couple looking for a lost treasure. Thanks to new clues concerning the location of the lost treasure, she and he feel hunger for adve...
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Wine tour - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Wine tour - Incoming program - Podkarpacie - Poland

Wine from Podkarpacie is a unique product with a unique character. We invite you to a unique journey that will allow us to discover the wine traditions of the region... and more!
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Slow Life - In search of harmony - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Slow Life - In search of harmony - Incoming program - Biesczady

Slow life is an idea, which is related to finding the necessary balance in what we do and who we are.In the spirit of "slow" we can do literally anything today - slow travel, slow food, slow drink.....
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Art. Deco - relaxation for everyone - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Art. Deco - relaxation for everyone - Incoming program - Lower Silesia

A unique, five-star SPA hotel with a swimming pool in the most beautiful resort in the Sudetes provides everything necessary for comfortable rest, relaxation and wellness.
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Kelly's Heroes - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Kelly's Heroes - Incoming program - Lower Silesia

The program proposal refers to the famous Hollywood movie "Kelly's Heroes" with Clint Eastwood in the lead role.we are waiting for a group of brave men and women to set off with us in search of the Ka...
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Power 2.0 - New reality - New events

Power 2.0

On the XXI century we all know how important the Event is.It is thanks to them that we promote and improve our position on the market. A well-prepared event is the basis of perfectly conducted market...
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Christmas Party in Poland

Christmas Party

We create Christmas event with characteristic unique atmosphere which is made by scenography, music and well suited workshops.
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Ceremonial Gala - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Ceremonial Gala

Gala took place in the Warsaw Chamber of the Wieliczka Salt Mine, 200 metres below ground.
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Conference organizer in Poland - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Conference organizer in Poland

Meetings industry is recognized to be one of the most important in the world. It has had a tremendous influence on development potential in Poland recent years. Poland Meeting Destination conference f...
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PRL recollection - city game - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

PRL recollection - city game

A Warsaw con man divided all participants into teams and assigned them tasks. Of course wouldn't come without competition! The participants had to demonstrate cleverness, resourcefulness and planning ...
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Creative team building Warsaw Poland - Incentive Travel & Destination Management

Creative team building Warsaw Poland

On the sunny June day we organised an all-day thematic event for one of our customers with Gaz 69 cars. We managed to gather 10 vehicles and that resulted in fantastic visual effects. It is difficult ...
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